Daniel Kaplan, Ph.D.
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Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Some people use psychotherapy as a sounding board to help them to think through tough choices.

Psychotherapy meetings can be a place to vent about relationship stress, and to consider how to forge more satisfying bonds.

Having a dependable & caring professional to speak with about your most pressing concerns can make a world of difference.  Just getting things off your chest can be very relieving.

Sometimes the things that you most need to talk about are also the hardest to talk about.  Embarassment, shame, or a fear of overwhelming others can block you from the support you need.  Psychotherapy offers a space to talk about challenging topics.

  •   Facing difficult changes & choices?
  •   Feeling overwhelmed?
  •   Struggling with loss or grief?
  •   Feeling disconnected from others?
  •   Managing illness and/or pain?
  •   Feeling sad, angry or anxious?
Life can be confusing and overwhelming. Sometimes there are just too many feelings all at once. At other times you may feel numb. Dr. Kaplan may help you to feeling more in control and to make meaningful changes to your life.

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