Daniel Kaplan, Ph.D.
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Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Registering as a new client is easy.  

1.  Call Dr. Kaplan and let him know that you are interested in setting up a meeting.  Agree on a meeting time & office location. 

2.  Review the Treatment Agreement and Illinois Privacy Statements.

3.  Visit Dr. Kaplan's on line registration system by clicking on the button to the right.  Follow the prompts to get to Daniel Kaplan.  Then click on "set my first appointment".  You will be prompted to set up a meeting time, but their is no need.  Dr. Kaplan already has you in his schedule.  Next, click on "I want to complete biographical information".

To register on line:
Please note that Dr. Kaplan does not monitor new registrations on evenings, weekends and holidays.  If you are experiencing an emergency please go to your nearest emergency room or visit 911.  If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide, you can receive 24 hour support by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.