Daniel Kaplan, Ph.D.
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Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Concierge Counseling & Psychotherapy
For highly successful individuals and their families.

Your time is a precious. Even taking 20 minutes to walk to an appointment down the street can seem too costly.  At the same time, the stress of a high performance life style can be challenging for you and for your family.  For these reasons, Dr. Kaplan offers concierge psychotherapy services to highly sucessful individuals and their family members.

Your phone calls are answered directly by Dr. Kaplan. 

Meetings may be held in one of Dr. Kaplan's offices (located downtown and in Wrigleyville), or Dr. Kaplan may travel to your office or home in person or via private video conference or phone call.  

Dr. Kaplan understands that you may sometimes be called away for important meetings, or need to travel.  Dr. Kaplan allows flexibility in scheduling to help you to attend our meetings.  

Privacy & Security
By offering only fee for service concierge psychotherapy, we avoid sharing your health information with any health insurance organization, or other entity.  This keeps our work especially secure and confidential.  Also, by visiting you in your home or office Dr. Kaplan allows high profile individuals the ability to avoid entering public spaces.

You may have felt misunderstood or even judged by psychologists in the past.   Dr. Kaplan respects your unique life style and seeks to understand, not judge. 

Excellence in service
Dr. Kaplan has a rare combination of experience in practicing traditional psychodynamic psychotherapy and interest in innovative and convenient service delivery.  

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